My Shopping Experience with Quikr

I am a tech savvy guy who always wanted to explore things as and when they were introduced. I have used mobile phones of various OS including that of Symbian,iOS and Android. However I had never got to use the Windows Phone earlier. So when the contest was announced by Quikr in association with BlogAdda, I could not wait for a moment to grab it. I have shopped from the store most of the time and had not bought a second hand item till date as I felt I may be deceived. I also felt that I may not get the product as it is described in the ad.

I had only seen the ad about Quikr on newspaper and other social media channels and was once lucky to have a google hangout with Delhi Devils Team Players since Quikr was one of the sponsor of the team.Hence I did not give a second thought.

What made this more interesting was the reimbursement of the cost incurred for making the purchase via Quikr.I thought this would be the apt time since I could not only buy the phone I so badly wanted but could also get a refund from BlogAdda.

I immediately sat in front of my PC and started searching for used Nokia Lumia Phones. What caught my attention was a Lumia 710 that was posted just then by a user in Quikr. He had quoted a reasonable rate of Rs.5000 which was well fitting my budget. What made it even more appealing was the availability. Yes, the location was really close to where I stayed and hence I did not hesitate to call up the advertiser to immediately fix up the deal.

The link I followed to get the product was :

The person who advertised was pleasantly surprised since he himself never thought that the sale would go through so soon. We fixed the place and time to meet to complete the deal. I could not contain my excitement. My dream of having a Windows Phone is going to come true. Thank God is all I could say. The picture confirmed the genuineness of the details given in the ad – Sparingly Used. Looks New. Lumia 710. This was the Screen Shot of the listing


Wow. I was so glad. What was even more surprising to me was the availability of so many models in Quikr. Even in my wildest dream, I had not thought about it. The rates were reasonable and for sure it would make both the buyers and seller happy.

My first impression on seeing the phone was – man, this is awesome.

Well, the main reason why I wanted this phone is – it comes with MS-Office and as I was well versed in it, it would make my work easier since I work with Word Doc PPT etc all through the day.

Now being a blogger I have  already blogged. What next is, I am going to tell this to my ex-colleagues and also going to post a status in my FB Page where I have close to 3k Friends and Twitter where I have a cool 13.1K Followers. I am sure this is going to give a great impact since I felt it is high time for me to repay what I could never forget in my life – buying my first Windows Phone.

Secondly I am NOT going to be averse anymore to online selling because I found some real cool features in the Quikr website. It makes posting an ad real easy and can be done even by a non techy guy. I am going to make the best use of it by disposing off some of the old items that has been hanging around in my house which would not only give us some space but also some cool bucks for us to use it for some other useful products.

The site is useful both in terms of search – you may be a buyer or seller but this solves both the purpose. You can buy since you get to see the pic and the real specification of it. Tomorrow I am going to take this gadget to my office and I am sure some of my close pals are going to ask as to where I have got this. Do you think I will hide??

I certainly will not… I will tell them I bought it in Quikr!!!

Though the ad gave me an initial impression that Quikr is only to sell a product Quikr, it is also the other way round – even buying a product is now Quikr!!

Now, I can hear what you were saying.. Where is the phone with you?? Well, here is me with the phone posing…. There was a power-cut but that did not prove to be a deterrence for me in getting a pic clicked with my Lumia 710. Hope you all liked my experience and the post and I would urge the readers to surely give a try using this amazing site and I can assure you that you will NOT be disappointed. Happy Shopping with Quikr 🙂


This blog was written in association with ‘’  for its campaign “Quikr Free Shopping Fiesta” at



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