Diwali – Festival of Lights is celebrated all over India. We know it is the celebration of victory over evil. It is this day when we all of us wake up early in the morning which is even before the sun rise to take oil head bath and get to wear new dress. Then  you would take blessings from your parents in front of God who would not only do that but also give you some awesome sweets that were prepared at home. Finally you are all set free. Yes, you can get to visit your friends or relatives home or set to fire crackers.

This is such an awesome day that everyone will be with their family as it brings Fun and Prosperity and it is almost like a family reunion. Not many would wish to miss this awesome opportunity. It is only because of this the buses and trains and even flights gets filled up at least for a week prior to Diwali since those who were working in different parts of the country would wish to return home at any cost to be with their family.

There are people who work in different parts of the country in various industries and they always wanted to go back home and do their best to apply for leave prior in their company and some even go to the extent of forego their salary on that day if they are employed with a company which for some reason could not give them an off on that particular day. Lot of brands splurge on their brands to improve the user experience as they know it would add not only to their revenue but also towards the happiness of the end user.

You get to have lot of special varieties at home like cashew kathli, athirasam, pongal, vada etc and other delicacies and the festivity mood starts a week before as I mentioned earlier and those who stay at home will be accompanying their mother usually to get their house cleaned. Shopping malls are filled with people who rush even till the last minute to finish their purchases and though it is cumbersome at times, the festive mood pushes the inconvenience to the back door.

You get to invite your friends to share the joy with them and get reciprocated. You won’t get these  emotional happiness else where even if you pay a crore. I am sure most of you would agree with me and also those who stay away from home can relate more to these for sure. If you get to see or hear about these experiences I have shared with you, I am sure you would give a smile!!

You can find more about #gharwalidiwali in this awesome film by Pepsi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ7lMDWJOXA

This article as written for https://gharwalidiwali.com


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