My personal review on Horseshoe Garage by Hitesha

Well, I have been reading books since my childhood and it is almost 30 years(since I am 35 now) and wish it would double or even treble which means I would be patronizing more promising writers and also see me a published writer as well, one day!!

My pick of genre always Thriller, Suspense, Science Fiction but I have also read other genres as well. What attracted me to opt for Horseshoe Garage in the first place was the title. It was really different when compared to the traditional ones and this book never ever gave a slightest hint of what it is all about….

I was really surprised to see a totally different front cover. I knew this is going to be something different.


Initially when I started reading this book, I could not get attracted to it. I would not blame it on the storyline but on myself since I was pre-occupied with Festive Mood and few other personal things and though I myself was a F1 geek with some of my writings being published in Airtel Chequered Flag Magazine(including my own interview), I could not give more attention to it.

Then I finally forced myself to sit and read it completely. What appeared to be a Himalayan Task to read this 390 page book was now seemed like a hillock. I read the entire book in a record 5 hours which I could not do it for over a week. Firstly it is really hard for me to believe that such a story can be written. When I say this, I mean it…

The story was technically good and it also made me think that this story can fit into any industry if at all this needs to be transformed to a movie be it Hollywood/Bollywood/Kollywood/Tollywood. You name it 🙂

The story is all about how a team of 4 from had managed to realize their dream of building a car and win neo-racing title. The main characters were Sav,Rags,Kam and  Naaz. There were other characters too which adds value to the entire storyline but however I felt the hero of the story is Naaz who is a school dropout from school. If you try to sideline the uneducated or illiterate, you would have to take the brunt as there were lot of real life characters who have made it big despite of being a School/College Drop-Out and we know it.

These 4 – being paired with each other Sav with Naaz and Rags with Kam fight from the beginning till the end to realize their dream and the driving force for all these four was one girl – Naaz who has never to give up attitude and had never bothered about others but except her work. She was not proud about her achievements nor boasted about it. She is certainly a character for which any man would fall for.

The story had an awesome love angle. Yes. It was the story between Sav and Naaz which had sweet and sour events and in few places I was really moved which I feel is the real strength of the story and of the author.It was Rags and Kam who were in live-in relationship and Naaz comes in the life of Sav who were all living in a same apartment and what happens in the end is a pleasant one. This was a perfect Indian Story mixed with great emotions and I am sure this would appeal to international readers too who appreciate Human Life/Value and Relationships.


My Summary on the review:

1) It is a Must Read

2) It appeals to you if you are a F1 / Racing Fan

3) It still appeals to you if you value relationships.

4) It will be more appealing if you are in Love or were in Love or would fall in Love!!

5) I would give 5/5 for this book for the flawless writing, falling of sequence, storyline and the perfect ending.

My Best Wishes to the author – Hitesha and looking forward to read many more books of her in the coming days.

P.S. I felt it would have been great if I had an autograph from the author because I am sure she is going to make it BIG in the literary world 😉



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