This is a classic thriller from Ravi Subramanian. The book arrived since I had signed up for book reviewing program with BlogAdda.

Let us take a look at the front cover.


This is fantastic. You could see the Bit Coin look alike has been embossed on the Title which itself is a novel idea and makes one to gain interest to read through it automatically. I had more surprise in store for me when I opened the book. Yes, it was autographed 🙂


I couldn’t have asked for more being an avid reader and also a collector of autographs.

This is not a voluminous book given the fact the story revolved around few countries majorly in India and United States. There were lot of twists and turns in the story and I felt like I was watching a perfect crime thriller coupled with monetary inclusion and also romance, accusations and treachery to name a few.

The story begins with assassination of a top senator in the United States and from there it slowly moves around to a US Bank which outsourced its operation to a BPO in India. There were so many interesting characters like Swami, Malvika in the beginning who gets killed and when we were left thinking as to what would be the possible reason behind this murder there were some ATM thefts as well due to skimming. We felt that we could draw a line connecting them but just like the FBI Agent Adrian working under Dan, even we could not find a conclusive proof connecting them.

There were other characters also in this including CBI Officers and the most important character or rather characters in this story was that of Varun and Tanya. They had a nice relationship after Tanya’s mother Malvika gets murdered and Varun who was the son of BPO Founder Aditya makes an unexpected opening by getting caught by Goan Police during a tussle and gets bailed out by his Dad.

There were lot of interesting twists and turns after that and the story makes us to suspect each and every one for their involvement to get monetary gain. When Varun starts up his idea to make Indiscape, a gaming company owned by his dad popular, he comes up with novel ideas. These I could relate to the present scenario since I myself was once a player of games 24/7 in FB via Zynga.

The confrontation of all these characters in the CBI Office including the presence of FBI Agents reveals something which we never had expected. How the events gets chained to each other for an explanation to arrest the suspect was a perfect one but hey, that was not the real end.

The real end was something which no one else would have expected but that was a perfect one complimenting the story and the sequence of events. I wanted to say more over here but if I did that I would have not done any justification to the review as I would have revealed the entire story line which I would not do it here.

I urge all you readers to buy this book and read yourself to enjoy the real thrill.

My Rating to the book/story – 5/5 yet again!! When you read it, you will agree with my rating 🙂




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