CESS can make the difference

Yes, there are lot of things which we do in our real life which can make a difference. We do few things knowingly and few unknowingly. There is something called as Educational Cess which the Government of India has introduced a while ago. Those who know the real purpose, will not make a hue and cry.

Yes.A Cess is something levied by the Government and it is specifically used for the purpose for which it is collected. It may not look like a greater amount for us but when you take the amount of people from which it is collected across India, it forms a considerable amount. Yes. It is like an ocean and with this the Government could do so many things like building better schools and providing kids with Uniforms, Books and Meals among so many other stuffs they provide.

Now we must understand it is all happening from the money we have paid. We are paying this without our control and some may not be even aware of this. But when it comes to other things like Income Tax, Water Tax, Property Tax, Service Tax etc we make a hue and cry. What we must understand is, we have been levied these taxes because we could afford to pay it. So it is our moral and legal duty to pay it rather than avoiding it or finding loop holes which are not legal to escape from it. I urge all those who are reading this to act as a responsible citizen because only if we pay our tax, we can expect greater reforms from the Government. Let us understand that each and every rupee we pay is not being wasted but is spent for a specific purpose.

Let us make our country prosperous and make the kids, the pillars of it.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


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