Children are the Future

Children are the future. It may be a common dialogue but yet it is inevitable. You are in the present generation who could carry forward your legacy and hand it over to your children to form a prosperous future because even you were a kid at one point of time.

We are No.2 in the World by Population and when it comes to people who are of young age and not been working yet(officially), our Country is No.1 in the list which means we have lot of kids spread across the country. Now this is a boon as well as a bane.

Boon for the fact that we are blessed with More Knowledge and Workforce and the Bane is how to take care of this immense supply without compromising on their quality of uprising and education. While those who were born in privileged class, do not have to bother about it but those kids who were born in BPL families, their Life is at stake. They could not afford quality education and without a proper foundation we cannot expect them to be building a bright future for themselves and for our country.

Now the responsibility is in our hands. We can adopt few kids and spend few hours with them in a day(max of 2-3 hours) to educate them. It may be the kids of your servants. You can do this only if they are reluctant to send their kids to school and since you are their employer, they cannot refuse to send them to you for some education. You are not losing anything here but you are giving a kid, a Future which could help them to a greater extent. One person cannot make a change in this Country/World. It is “We” who together can make the difference!!

Let us Unite and make this happen and see our country progressing in the path of Success!!

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


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