Educated India

Educated India!!

This is the dream of our leaders and forefathers. You have seen my series of blogs prior to this where I have shared my personal experiences. Lot of us have it in us. It is just that how , when and where we exhibit them and for what reason…

Abdul Kalam rightly said “India will be a Super Power” and there is No Doubt in it. He wanted the Younger Generation to DREAM and what India was in 1980’s is not the same now. We are one among the Super Powers though not in terms of Military Might which we have never used it to our personal gain but when it comes to the Size of the Economy and Purchase Parity Power(PPP) as we are well above almost all the European Nations and in Asia, next only to China and Japan.

Education has done this Wonder to us. Yes, it is because of Education, we have lot of scientists working across the Globe including NASA and we also have PIO being appointed for very high positions in USA. We have Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers spread across the continents who gives their best right from the first time and every time. All this was made possible because of Education.

We have IIMs.IITs,IISc and we also have lot of great Universities in our Country. Though we may not feature in Top 100 list,we cannot discount the quality of Education being imparted over there. As you could see many tech majors and global biggies like Pepsi,Deutsche Bank,Formerly Citibank&McKinsey,Adobe,Google,MicroSoft were all headed by Indians and this is just a sample list from the exhaustive list of companies including many Fortune 500 companies.

All top companies hire our people for top salaries and position and all this was made possible by education. We may not have the same quality across the country due to various factors and hindrances but if there is a common platform and ensure that all get an equal opportunity and access to Education and ensure that there are No or very minimal School Dropouts, I am sure we can see Fortune 500 Company list is filled only by Indians – though I am not saying that we would pose a competition to other Nationals but when it comes to Education, the one who exhibits his/her skills are always placed above par among their peers and we have always excelled in that.

Let us continue this in style and ensure that all our nationals are educated.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


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