Make a Difference

You can make a difference. Yes, when I say it I mean it because I preach what I have practiced in my real life. I am going to narrate a personal real life event. I am doing this here not for the purpose of an advert but if it could create an awareness in the life of some one especially a kid, I feel that it my real victory.

I was a kid back then and I was in 6th Standard. I was not matured by then as I think I was just living my age and there was this boy(who I do not wish to name for Privacy) who was a brilliant kid but could not afford to bring quality food to the school. On the contrary I was given a 3 box tiffin carrier which I felt was more than what my stomach could hold.

So, when I say my friend suffering from hunger, I made it a point to give him a box of the most healthiest food in the world – curd rice. This was his favorite food and his joy knew no bounds. Now I identified another trouble with him. Yes, he could not afford to pay his tuition fee as he was raised by a single mother.

I took it to the attention of my mom.She was a woman with a kind heart who immediately agreed to pay his tuition fee and we paid his fee for a year. The next year he could get another sponsor and so on and so forth. He is now well placed. He may or may not be remembering the deed I did but what makes me feel happy is that I have shaped the life of a kid who is living in the present.

By citing this above example, I urge all the readers who are going through this to do their level best because you never know, you might be shaping a future Bill Gates or Abdul Kalam.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


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