How can we eliminate Hunger in the Classroom

This is something that we all need to ponder about. We cannot eliminate hunger all of a sudden because of the enormous population that we have but we can certainly make a difference. We are No.2 in the World when it comes to Population but when we consider number of kids we have, it makes us No.1 in the World.

We have lot of Schools and other Educational Institutions. Some are really expensive but some are affordable yet out of the reach for the BPL families. Luckily we are blessed with a great Government who from the time of Independence has understood the necessity for Education and always supported it.

We have Govt schools spread across the Country. We have seen Govt distributing lot of freebie to attract kids to come to their classes and this includes Free Classes, Books, Dresses, Noon Meals(which was introduced in Tamil Nadu and later spread across entire India) and these days the Govt is offering Free Bicycles and Laptops. These are enhancing the life of the kids though some section of people might say this is being done targeting the vote bank which I would not completely agree on.

There is nothing wrong in studying in a Govt School as it has produced some of the brightest minds in our country. It is just our perception that makes us feel they are not good enough which is not the case in reality. I was taking tuition to a kid who studies in one of the expensive school in the City who told me that his teacher is always not attentive in the class and takes little care of the students. It was evident from the fact of their correction which shocked me.

Now, all I wanted to say is “Keep aside the thinking that only Money buys the Best. There are lot of things which Money cannot buy”. Let us encourage our kids to go to Govt schools especially the ones on the BPL because they cannot afford Private Institutions. Let us give their kids an affordable and quality education. It is in our hands and we can make a difference together. Let us make our journey towards it.

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


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