It was all a simple gesture that was required to spark the ignition rewinding back their great love they both shared between each other. Yes, Krishna and Radha were married for five years now. They are yet to have kids.

No one knew what exactly went wrong all these years and even they themselves were not aware of it. It all started when some of Radha’s relatives started pin pointed about the issue in functions and get together and it started becoming worse day by day.

Krishna and Radha were carefree prior and in the initial stages it was because of Krishna’s prior commitments, he could not give much attention towards the issue and now things started getting worse.

Krishna’s parents were not averse to the situation as they knew that there is nothing wrong between the couple and they were leading a happy life. Radha was raising this issue every now and then and things started getting worse when Krishna turned deaf ears to her plea.

Radha thought it was the only thing that could make her extremely happy, if not otherwise though she has got all the other material things in this world. Krishna could understand her feelings and that of his in-laws but he could not do much.

One day, unexpectedly an argument broke out between Radha and Krishna and it was really worse that they stopped talking to each other. Days went past by and no one was willing to budge. Krishna’s parents were worried. They started to think that there will be a storm in their son’s life. Just then they decided to leave home for a while towards Northern India for some devotional trip. After they left, the house became even more silent.

Krishna came back from work and saw his wife sitting in a corner. He felt pity for her. He wanted to rekindle the relationship. He came with flowers and sweets. Now going back to the first para, Krishna knew what could do the MAGIC. Yes, a gentle touch. He touched Radha passionately and immediately Radha budged and started crying loud. Things were all OK within seconds and they both decided to start a fresh innings in their life. Do I need to say that they were soon blessed with beautiful twin sons….

To sum up, a normal touch wouldn’t make much difference but the same touch after the windfall is MAGICAL!!!

You can watch an awesome example of #BringBackTheTouch video here ->

This blog entry was written for towards their awesome #BringBackTheTouch Campaign


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