I would fly like a KING with Lufthansa A380

Flying was never this easy…

When the Wright Brothers invented the plane, it could not last for even an hour if not days but that was the greatest achievement then and only a single person could fly at a certain altitude. Then came lot of revolution which saw the designs,size and shape being modified every now and then and now we are sitting in the age of A380 and it is the best in its class – being dubbed as the Biggest Airline Carrier for us flying across continents in a seamless effect like a DREAM. In fact this is dubbed as Largest Commercial Aircraft in the History till date – Year 2014.

Would you ever willing to go to places like USA without having to stress yourself a long. Those jet lags, body pain has now become a dream. Yes..it has become a reality. After having received the permission and clearance from various authorities, Lufthansa is operating this amazing #LufthansaA380 from Delhi to Frankfurt on a daily basis since 8th November 2014 and the people of Delhi has more reasons to rejoice as they are the first to welcome this airline behemoth.

The Bigger is Better for us because of the following reasons(P.S – No Offence meant whatsoever to Indians as I am just expressing my thoughts)

1) Indian Families are BIG – I mean in Numbers since we live in Joint Family System

2) We love to travel a lot and this is fast catching up even among rural Indians.

3) We love to discover and explore places

4) Because of immense opportunities elsewhere and Indian business are spread worldwide, many of our CEO’s and other executives are on a globe trotting mood,always.

What can a bigger plane do?

Well, this is a simple one to answer. Firstly, we can have a spacious cabins for ourselves and those who are traveling business and first class would be even more comfortable. The more the space the more the merrier as one can have a good sleep whilst the flight is on cruise mode and by the time one reaches his/her destination, we need not have to worry as we have accomplished the travel with the least trouble and this is something no one would want to miss even if it costs a bit more as we are more into convenience which if the money could buy,we would not mind paying it.

Lufthansa is making this becoming a reality by removing the barrier of the ever crunching space issues which was a hindrance for longer distance travel by having introduced the best of the class airline – A380. This will not only reduce the travel time to a greater extent but also gives us more pleasure as one need not have to worry about traveling long distance any more due to the efficiency of the carrier and also the convenience it offers.

More room,more leg space and overall one can spend quality time by doing lot many activities while traveling without having to worry about body ache and anything else. Since this also offers private cabins, one need not have to worry about taking their spouse as well when ever possible as it is the best experience one could get by traveling out of the country.

This is the best one could offer in the travel as of now and I am looking forward to take my first flight out of the country to experience the reality of being a KING 🙂

The Video of this awesome GIANT can be found at ->


Why are you waiting even after knowing that you can enjoy the best on the skies?? Hurry and book your tickets here http://a380.lufthansa.com/TAKEPART/#/DE/EN/home

I would say it is time to fly #LufthansaA380


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