I Missed A Date with an SVP

I am sharing my real life incident in this blog. I got into a BPO at 24. It was then I was struggling to find the right job which could pay me well. I liked it back then and got absorbed into the environment. I was in early 20’s and was having a care-free attitude.

Though we serve the customers, it was just over the phone/mail and considering this, my company – a leading MNC had relaxed the dressing rules where in it had mentioned that we can come in casual dressing which was not the case prior.We were allowed casuals only on Fridays. Do I need to say the attitude of the people after that? I could witness a drastic change. While guys could enjoy seeing girls wearing the casuals, it was not the case, the other way round. It was because we men took casuals – really casually.

We stopped cutting out hair every now and then and people started sporting mustache and beard which we thought could go well with the casual dress. Since no one could correct it,we took it as granted. Though I do not regret it till date, there was this one incident which makes me feel bad about missing an important event.

Yes, we had a high level dignitary who visited from UK all of a sudden and the top performers were given chance to interact with the person who was holding the post of an SVP. I was also on the list but since I did not had a clean shaved face by then, I was denied the chance. Though I am a Top Performer, I was looked down because of my appearance.I regret it though I cannot get it back.

#WillYouShave now?? I surely will as I cannot miss being noticed despite my performance.

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