Cleaner World is a Better World

What do we get from being clean?

Firstly we get a healthy life which is the first and foremost thing because only with Health, we can create Wealth. We all would have read when we were kid about the necessity of cleanliness which includes taking bath daily, brushing twice a day and wearing clean and washed clothes.

In reality, how many of us are adhering to it? Even if we does, how many of us are seeing places which does not adhere to it? The answer is – Almost all of us. This is because though we keep our surroundings clean, we have to go through other areas on the way to our work or some where else by passing these places which were being neglected by the respective authorities. What do do we do in most of the cases?

We just give a sigh and move on. Don’t we think it is our moral responsibility of raising this up with the authorities concerned? Or do we fear that they don’t do much or do we not have time to take it up to the authorities concerned?

The answer is – Any one of them mentioned above for sure.

If we also neglect, what is the difference between us and the officials who are neglecting it? We should take up the moral responsibility and fight for it till it gets sorted out as we know if we are keeping a place clean, it helps us directly and indirectly. Lot of diseases do spread through these especially during rainy season as we all are susceptible to walk over it and if we have cuts and bruises on our body, do I need to say the outcome? Lot of deadly virus bread in these and when it comes out of the road through sewage overflow or when the garbage does not get cleaned up regularly, it gets accumulated which leads to stray dogs feeding on it and hurting the local residents by its bite and other things. It is really a menace.

By raising our voice and making the area clean, we can avoid

1) Pollution

2) Diseases – especially communicable diseases

3) Mosquito Breeding

4) Stray Dogs Menace to name a few.

At this juncture I also wanted to share with you couple of real life pictures which is found on a vacant plot that is situated very next to my apartment and I have raised the issue with the authorities concerned several times and it has fallen into deaf ears. I am sure by writing here, steps would be taken by the authorities concerned and ensure that it gets cleaned either by them or by the owner of the plot who is no where to be traced.

photo 1

photo 2

if you look at these pics, you can see this is very proximate to the main road and is just opposite to a park which is frequented by kids,joggers and people from all walk of life. This is just a sample and there are lot of places like this all over India. Let us all fight together to get it cleaned and make our country, a Clean and Green Nation.

I am proud to say that I have done my part for this awesome #AbMontuBolega campaign by Strepsils India who is raising the awareness of cleaning the places that were ignored or neglected by the authorities in our country and helping us in working towards “Swach Bharat” Mission.

For more info, visit ->

Do follow Strepsils India in Twitter on

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