Cleanliness Starts from Home

“Swachh Bharat”

This is the talk of the town.I would say it is in fact the talk of the World at the moment since it  was announced by none other than our Honorable Prime Minister who has nominated few celebrities and they had also taken it up pro-actively.

Now I agree that by keeping our surroundings clean, We make a statement but my contention is that the cleanliness should start from within. It should NOT be a compulsion but an inclusion from our inner mind on a day to day basis.

We should start our cleanliness right from our home. There are lot of things which goes into it. It includes keeping ourselves clean – which begins with taking bath daily and brushing twice. By doing this, we keep ourselves hygiene and even when we are ill/sick, we do not tend to spread the infection to others. I am sure most of you who read this will agree to my statement. Initially I was told this by a Physician when I was a kid. I started practicing it and it had become a habit for me now.

We also have lot of other things. Firstly it is about disposal of garbage. We do it without knowing the importance for the need of segregation as per its composition.Thankfully the State Government of Tamil Nadu with the help of Corporation of Chennai had issued two colored dustbin – Green for Recyclable and Red for Non Recyclable waste and people in my area are using it without any trouble. It also contains sticker which shows what all can go into it. Now this is a useful resource and a great initiative by the Government but we cannot expect the same to be done all over the country.

This solves two purposes.  The rag pickers appointed by the Government need not have to go through the pain of segregating it which can save lot of time and secondly we do not allow hazardous waste to be mixed with other composite material. The waste which is collected in this way especially the green ones are used to manufacture Ore Composite and it is sent back to us – Residents. How cool is that?

Take a look at the garbage bins:


The hazardous stuffs are taken and disposed off carefully by not giving them a chance to pollute the environment.

We also do lot of things – by throwing lot of waste stuffs on the ground lying next to our apartment especially if it is vacant which should be avoided.

We should not allow rain water to go and get waste on the road.Instead we can install Rain Water Harvest System. This in turn will give lot of benefits. Firstly, the precious rain water will not go as a waste and mix with sewage on the road to aggravate the situation and secondly, it also helps us in ground water level increase which could come handy during summer.

When it comes to disposing things like used napkins,chewing gum and non vegetarian waste, utmost care should be taken. It should be done in such a way that it does not get into the mouth of stray dogs as it would it throw it all over the road which would not only look dirty but is also hazardous and we cannot answer the young kids who may point out and ask on the sensitive things.I did see this incident live today(29/11/14) outside a house which was just opposite to my apartment but I did not click a picture to avoid embarrassment to all since this house belongs to students – who both are pursuing MBBS.

Also by ensuring that we keep our floor clean by wiping regularly with disinfectant and also using sanitize regularly, we can lead a hale and a healthy life. It is also good for us to clean our electronic equipment and other stuffs which is accumulated with dusk which is nothing but our dead cells so that we will not get infected by Asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Lastly we should ensure that we always have the habit of washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly before cooking it. By soaking them in water for not less than 30 minutes, we can reduce the effect of pesticides and other materials that were used for production of those eatables. I believe this also comes under the purview of cleaning which is a requirement on our day to day life.

Let us keep our Home Clean because as I said earlier, Cleanliness should start from home.


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