Online Shopping with Cherry Tin

Cherry Tin

Is it Cherry in a Tin? Certainly NOT. The name is UNIQUE and so as the Site. When I visited the site for the first time, I was awe struck. It was something I have not seen before and when I say it, I mean it.

The Selection Criteria gives you an idea as to where you need to head to which is divided into Him,Her,Baby for the Gender and Age.

For more specifics, you also have Home and Gourmet.

Then comes Stationery,Jewelry,Silver and Bridal and the best part is you can also personalize the gifts which is a rarity and when this option is given, it would be wise enough for us to make the best use of it.


As you can see above, there are gifts available as per the event you wanted to gift it for. It can be a Birthday, Wedding,Anniversary,New Baby – You name it.You have it.

The site also gives you the option of the price range from which you can select your gifts. Remember this is a premium gifting site which will not compromise on quality and hence the range starts from Rs.2,000 onward and it goes well over Rs.10,000. If you have deeper pockets, you can certainly select the best from what the site has to offer.

You also have the Chat Option and if you are having queries or confusion with regards to selecting the gift(s), you can very well make use of this option. This is certainly a welcoming option and more power to users like us.


When it comes to Personalize option, you can select from a wide range – Cards, Notebooks, Cuff-links, Baby books etc. This gives an option of gifting by anyone to anyone where ever he/she is employed.

When it comes to gifting Men,we have the option of Cuff-links, Leather, Silver and Stationery. I was stunned when I selected Silver for HIM-Men.


Now I am sure even you would have been floored on looking at the pic and on the right corner, the site also features testimonials from its customers. This gives you a clear idea about the Site and the Product and can also help you at times in making a decision to buy.

You can pay for your purchases through their secured site with your Debit or Credit Cards.

Looking further,I found the naming reason for the site. Cherry Symbolizes Warmth,Color,Fun and Quirkiness whereas Tin is Cool,Solid,Strong and Dependable. The Company wants to make the gifting experience a pleasant one and they are also here to prove that good gifts need not be expensive and also wanted to say good-bye to recycled gifts because “Gift is something which shows what your character is and what you intend to convey through it”

A Good Gift is always received with Smile and reciprocated.

Unlike the conventional blog, I am not going to share the link here and there with the pics. I would be giving the links here with which is worth visiting:

But beware that you do not keep your better half when you are shopping on this awesome site because he/she may pester you to get most of the gifts if not all from this impressive gifting site.

The Gift Curators includes a massive and impressive line up which comprises Kanika Subbiah,Aditya Swaminathan,Divya Narayanan,Melwin Fredil, Swetha Manoharan, Karthikeyan S, Preethi Yuvaraj, Alaghammai Arunachalam,Sindhuja Balamurugan, Diksha Reddy & T K Ranganath

The reason why I took much pain in mentioning all the names was because of the simple fact that the good work needs appreciation and as there is a saying “2 Hands make a Clap/Noise” was very apt in this case as the company comprises curators who have varied interest and profile but are together for one common cause – Making Gifting a Pleasure and Pleasant one 🙂

Visit ->

to experience the Unique Way of Gifting!


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