Even I believe in Luck,at times….

We all believe in LUCK. Don’t we??

There is just a thin line of difference between Luck and Hard Work. Both can supersede each other at various juncture and we all would have witnessed or experienced it.

I had a mixture of both on various occasions. I would say I put on lot of Hard Work than believing in Luck but since I wasn’t lucky enough, I missed out on few but gained on few as well. For instance my hard work in preparation for Commerce in 12th Standard made me get great marks but I wasn’t lucky enough as a silly mistake caused me losing Full Marks and I ended up with 99%

Now coming to the lighter factor. I was lucky enough on few occasion I said. This includes winning lot of contests and prizes and one of them was winning a contest which had pan India participation where I along with select few – 5 to be precise were selected to play with Virat Kohli who was on his peak form – in 2013. We were flown to New Delhi.

Now, the fact of not only meeting but playing with a Youth Icon of Indian Cricket Team had made me get goose bumps. I was not sure as to what I need to do and how Virat will react. I was given an accommodation in a 7 Star Hotel. I got all the facilities in and out as we were treated as VIP’s during our stay.

The event was on the next day and the previous day, I found that I did not carry my Shaving Kit – Gillette which I have always used since I started shaving a decade ago. I was tensed for a while but I realized that I need not have to worry because I have already made it because of my Luck and just a day beard would not be bothering Virat much.

As expected, he did not bother about it at all and in fact he was such a down to earth person that he had asked me to speak Rajnikant Dialogue which he has repeated in the front of jam packed audience. Do I need to say how I felt at that moment??

Yes..Luck plays a vital role at times and you need not have to bother about it much, when you have made it to the destiny….

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette


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