I Would Face the World With Confidence

I am a guy who believes in Perfection. When I say Perfection, it is on all parameters. It would be on lot of day to day things like Getting Up Early, Brushing Twice, Reading Newspaper in the Morning, Wearing Pressed Clothes etc to name a few.

As you could see I believe a person with a Systematic Approach always has an advantage ahead of others in so many things. For instance if you keep your things in one place or keep all the documents in file classified as per its needs,importance etc, one/you need not have to search for it during an emergency and can take it out in seconds.

So, I am sure you would agree with me on the concept of being Organised and Punctual. I do not believe to take chance because it is for those who do not put in their efforts and wanted to win at any cost. This is something I would never agree upon because I sincerely believe that you get your due benefits on your hard work and efforts which may be on anything.

Having said all the above, now I am coming to another major point. It is my Looks. I always wear pressed clothes when I am going out since there is a saying ” Humans are 50% and his/her Dress constitute the remaining 50%” and hence I would never take a chance when it comes to dressing. It not only includes pressing my clothes but also wearing suitable dress to suitable occasion and the color pairing etc to name a few.

We all gain confidence by looking at our face in the mirror. It obviously gives out lot of expression – through Eyes, Lips and so on and so forth. So, I would never compromise on having my face with an unshaven look. This according to me gives a bad impression about me on others. They would either think I am Crazy or Lazy. They may even think that I am unorganized which I am NOT and they can also misconceive that I had a LOVE FAILURE which is also incorrect.

So these things occur only if I sport an unshaven look.Why do that? I also do not believe in going to a Salon for shaving because I feel I know the best as to what I want and can get it done they way I want. Hence I always does the shaving myself. It saves Time and Money and most importantly, it gives me the Look I want and above all – THE CONFIDENCE

This CONFIDENCE cannot be matched with anything else…

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette 


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