Crafted with perfection

When something is beautifully crafted, you unquestionably want to own it. Such is the dilemma with Asus Zenfone series. It’s in the name, when they say – In Search of Incredible. And they have coined it perfectly with Zenfone – Intel inside. Over the years Asus has proved itself as an innovative master in Android manufacturing. We’ve seen the distinctions in Padfone and Fonepad.

After a long eight months gap, since it was announced and was available for pre-orders, it felt like an age passed to see the spectacular device. Out of the 3 series (Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6) disclosed, I was impatiently eyeing for Zenfone 6. I am someone who likes to see everything big in style. Although the other two siblings have pretty many similar specifications, however series 6 had to have a pinch better.


How many of you see the back of your phone often? Zenfone has Intel engraved, which gives me a sheer satisfaction that what I have is a trusted manufacturing. Being a photographer by profession I have my hands on almost every camera phone that exists. Thus, I can total distinguish. There is no doubt that a good quality picture comes only from a great technology. Asus has developed a unique technology combining software, hardware and optical. My moment capturing issues are well taken care of by the – PixelMaster. Moreover, it is with me all the time even when I am not with my heavy pro-camera gadgets.

With PixelMaster the phone produces professional photos. Yes! At least when I badly need to capture something for my professional use and I do not have my pro-camera ready. Interestingly it captures a total of 31 photos after you press the shutter button. Wow! You cannot miss that instant smile you want to capture of your loved one. It works proficiently even in the dark areas. The selfie mode is another fabulous incorporation in the phone. The rear facing camera lets you capture a high resolution perfect selfie shot.

Asus Zenfone series 5 has recently won the Budget Smartphone of the year 2014 award at the Exhibit Tech Awards gaining amazing response in the Indian market. Tune in to the YouTube video to experience the features closely and go grab one from Flipkart.

You can have a look at the amazing gadgets, their specifications from ASUS by clicking the links below which includes Tablet Mobiles and Zenfone products.


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