Let us Drive Safe and Stay Safe

Road Safety is the Need of the Hour..

We see lot of news in our daily newspaper with regards to accidents due to vehicle clash, pedestrian hit, hit and run case etc to name a few. These happen due to various reasons. First and the Foremost thing is irresponsibility and carelessness.

We tend to lose precious live for  being negligent. We should avoid being negligent. It would not take much time but can go a long way. What we can do to avoid these happening on day to day basis as there is an alarming report that India is one among the nations on the top where the road accidents are real high.

1. We should thoroughly check the condition of the vehicle on regular intervals. This includes functioning of brakes and clutch and also the condition of the engine.

2. Tyre should be regularly filled with air. Flat Tyre can cause devastation.

3. Engine Oil should be changed regularly for the proper and smooth functioning of engine.

4. Mirrors should be used and when ever there is a change in the lane, indicator lights should be used.

5. Sudden brake should not be applied unless its an emergency.

6. Loud Music should not be played whilst inside the car and one should also avoid using mobile phone while on drive. If it is an emergency call, ask your family or friend who travels along with you to attend it or you have to park your car on the side of the road prior to attending it.

7. Do not use Blue Tooth headsets.

8. Do not overtake especially on the bridge or on hills/mountains.

9. Do not drive after consuming liquor whatever the level is. You either stay back or take the help of a chauffeur.

10. Do not honk unnecessarily but honk in the street corners.

11. Slow down the vehicle when nearing street corners or places like hospitals, temples, church, Mosque, malls etc.

12. Follow the traffic rules.

13. Do not be in a hurry. You are not going to win an Olympic medal.

14. Use Wipers during rains.

15. Do not drive or ride on a One-Way / No Entry / Wrong route.

The above mentioned are with respect to the vehicle. When it comes to the pedestrian safety, follow points needs to be kept in mind.

1. Do cross always using the zebra crossing.

2. Do not cross when the signal is ON – Green.

3. Walk on Pedestrian Path.

4. Do not travel on foot board in bus or train.

5. Wear seat belts while driving the car and helmet while riding on a two wheeler.

6. Do not take more than 2 in case of a two wheeler.

7. Do not ride or drive fast. Remember – “Speed Thrills but Kills”

8. Keep Emergency Contact Numbers safe and handy always.

9. While crossing or walking on the road, do not use Mobile Phone or Music Player to listen to Music as it distracts you.

10. Stay Safe and be vigilant, always.

Nissan through its Blue Citizenship is making Safety the Priority for all of us which is a great commitment and needs appreciation as this is a laudable effort which no other company has initiated it so far.Know more about this by clicking here -> The Nissan Safety Driving Forum.

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