Pre-Marital Sex – A Controvery

Pre-Marital Sex

Sex. It is Universal and used by all. There is no time for this and no satisfaction for this because though you may feel content at that point of time, you may be wanting it more within few hours or days, there after as the case may be.

One should not feel shy about talking because at one point of time almost all of us would indulge in this. I was born in a Liberal Family but when it came to sex, my family was almost like a conservative one and did not allowed me to watch movies even if it had U/A Certificate those days as they felt I may get distracted. Well, to some extent I agree to their way of bringing us up but do we see the same scenario these days? NO.


With the advent of Internet Technology and the introduction of Laptop,Tablet PCs and Smart Phones, any one and every one can access what ever they want and where ever they want. This is both a boon and a bane.

Coming to Pre-Marital Sex.

I do NOT agree to this. It is simple. According to me Pe-Marital Sex is equivalent to visiting a Brothel. You do it either to get first hand experience prior to your marriage or your uncontrollable desire and need to have sex to satisfy that desire. I feel Desires are there in everyone but we also have the Power to Control it. It should NOT be allowed to overtake us. If it does, it is a dangerous symbol.

While men enjoy the privilege of being a virgin as there is no effective way to find out, it is not the same with the case of a women. Once they lose their virginity, it is gone for ever. The consequence of it may be certain or uncertain depending on their fate as this can lead to further complications like Pregnancy.

If you are having a Pre-Marital Sex, you should ensure that you need to be marrying the same person and take him/her as your partner. Otherwise, according to me there is no difference between us and a dog which can mate with any one and every one(dog). But this also depends on the condition that due care is taken to avoid pregnancy. Will it look good to get married after you have made a girl pregnant? It may have become a common scenario these days but it is not a healthy sign.

On the other hand, if these men or women deceive each other and marry another person, imagine the plight of the other person who is innocent and comes to know about the incident a little later. It will lead to divorce and lot of other issues losing the ultimate happiness in married life.

Hence I herewith conclude that I do NOT agree to Pre-Marital Sex. We always have believed in Faith,Truth and One Man-One Wife. Let us stay the same way as we were for centuries as this is our Identity and we should NOT lose it at nay cost – being influenced by Western Thoughts.

I have come across this awesome book which discusses on Pre-Marital Sex. Read it here:

Poonaam Uppal’s True Love – A Mystical True Love Story on Flipkart


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