Meet of the Year

It was NOT a Bloggers Meet though it was intended to be. It was a meet of its own kind. We were so delighted to be there and I am going to share some of the excerpts from the meet here:

The meet was organised by Social Beat, a leading Social Media Agency from Chennai who has a good expertise in Digital/Social Media Marketing spear headed by Chawla Brothers – Suneil and Vikas Chawla. While Vikas has done his post graduation in UK , Suneil on the other hand has done his Masters from IIM-A. So you can imagine the amount of expertise they have brought in not only with their education but also having served in various eminent companies including Bain Consulting, Murugappa Group to name a few. They were joined by Mr Abhishek Kumar, Senior Manager-Startegy Social Beat who is also an IIM-A Graduate and Rohit Uttamchandani,Client Servicing Manager Social Beat.

The company has an extensive client list which includes Murugappa Group,Kovai Pazhamudhir Nilayam,The Rain Tree Hotels,Cherry Tin,Casa Grande,Adidas, Dr Smilez to name a few.

So when they sent an invite for a bloggers meet in The Vestin Park,Egmore, I could not deny it. The day was gloomy then and I was bit worried whether the rain would play a spoil sport but luckily it did not.

We all arrived on time. The meet was at 5PM and Mr Rajasekar, AGM-Content for arrived well before on time. We all gathered in Room 6.10 and you could see some of the snippets here:


Mr K S Rajasekar conversing while Mr Rohit Uttamchandani and Mr Vikas Chawla were taking a grasp of his speech.


That’s Mr Suneil Chawla and Shrinidhi Hande, a Travel blogger.


That’s me and Naveena Vijayan,a Fashion Blogger from The New Indian Express

We began with an introduction among ourselves followed by interaction with Mr K S Rajasekar. He had brought in so much experience and expertise and when he started sharing, we all were stunned. He had so much to share and we were really blessed to have got an opportunity to listen to him. We were served food in between to which we did not give much attention as our sole attention was focused on sharing ideas and making things work.

Mr M K V Balu, a good friend of mine and co founder of Insightz had also come down to join me and so as Pari Vasisht, a food blogger who runs cookinggoodfood and we all shared so many ideas that made the entire 2.5 hour session flew like 2.5 seconds.


There you go – we ended up with a Group Photo at the end of the meet. Happy Faces 🙂

Will any meet end up without taking a selfie?? Here you go…


Thank You Rohit Uttamchandani for this awesome click 🙂

Though the meet has ended, I would say it had just begun and would continue on and on and forever – like Sindbad and Laila Story which has never failed to fascinate all age group from then till now….



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