Kids Travel Perceptions

We all love to travel. Who doesn’t? We all must have traveled to various parts of the country and some of us would have even gone out of the country for vacations. It all depends on various factors for elders like us to consider the place of travel which includes:

1. Time

2. Money

3. Season

4. Availability of Services like Tickets/Hotel Rooms etc

What is a Travel to a kid?

Now I am going to give an epilogue as to what the travel is all about for a kid.

Kids love travel more than any one else. Firstly,they love it because they are always keen in learning and travel means they get to go to a new place and meet new set of people and taste new variety of food and so on and so forth.

Secondly,when they come back they would go back to their friends and start narrating a big long story as to what exactly had happened in their travel which would bring forth the exact scene in front of them.

Kids are always carefree. They never know what exactly goes into the planning of a travel. All they know is that they would travel in a Bus or Train or on an Airplane.

They are excited to travel in any MEANS OF TRANSPORT be it Rail,Road,Water or Air and they would not even mind about the comfort they would get in it but these days the kids have become so choosy that they wanted to travel only with a Specific Brand/Carrier as they had learnt it from their friends or online about the awesome services they offer which they wanted to have a first hand experience on.

Now we would move on to FOOD. We would be choosy in selecting the food specific to the area we travel so as to make sure that we get the unique food but kids surely differ in this aspect too.They want to taste the food which they are comfortable with and most probably towards the dish they are mostly used to. They are skeptical to try the new taste as they fear that it may not fit their senses or satisfy their taste buds.

STAY. This is really important for us because we always love to stay in a place which is well connected by transport facilities in the city/country where we travel to but the kids would prefer to stay in hotel/restaurant which offers them facilities like Gaming Console, Internet facilities etc to name a few.

Finally, kids are interested in PLACES OF INTEREST. While we travel to place which is famous for Temples and other Architectural Importance, kids on the other hand keep looking for places that satisfies their trip. This would include local parks, beaches, islands and at times trekking too. Not to discount, the kids are also interested in looking for wildlife and other areas which they cannot usually spot in their own city.

To sum up, what we see in a Travel is totally different to what our Kids see. Not to forget we were also a kid at one point of time and had similar kind of perceptions. Its just the advent of Technology and Communications which is making the difference here…..

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