Bad Gifting Syndrome

Gifts… We all love to give and receive it. This is really important since a right gift at the right time can really bring delight in the face of the receiver irrespective of it’s value. This plays a vital part in relationships as well especially LOVE. It is the minimum which your girlfriend or boyfriend expect to know about them.

You really cannot think about the outcome if the gist does not suit to the occasion. For example, you cannot gift something like a Movie Voucher on account of House Warming Function and for a Wedding Anniversary, you cannot gift an iron box.These are just some examples which came up spontaneously on my mind and the list goes on and on and on…The reaction are various when you give an improper gift – shocked, embarrassed, irritated, annoyed, surprised etc.,

Have a look at a short video here ->

When it comes to your close friend, a bad gift can cause embarrassment for you as well as for your friend. Having said all these, Cherrytin a premium gifting website has come up with a unique promotion. It is all about “Bad Gifts”. You just need to give an irrelevant gift and capture the reaction of your family/friend then and there and share it with them on their FaceBook Page or Twitter handle. You can also share your video on their Number via WhatsApp. The number you need to share your video with them is +91-9840074438

What are you waiting for? Get ready to share your video with CherryTin this Christmas and the most popular ones will not only get to be featured on their YouTube Channel but also would win a Special Prize from them. The last date for submission of your awesome entries in 26/12/2014.Now I bet you cannot afford to miss this… Do pass on the message across to your family or friends…I am sure they would be more than interested to grab this excellent opportunity to prove their mettle (no harm meant here as it was meant in the right sense of humor) 😉

Give a Bad Gift to get a Good Gift in Return. Good deal isn’t it???


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