Confidence comes with appearance

I have always liked to be Confident. I believed and still believe that Confidence comes with appearance.

To me appearance comes as a priority. This is always been the case since I was very much influenced by my appearance as I felt it brings out the best me. The very thought of getting dressed up perfect came up whilst I was in my Higher Secondary. Prior to that I use to dress up well but was not very much particular about taking care of all aspects. This means I was bit ignorant on other things like Nails, Beard, Mustache etc.,

Though I had been to various places and was being appreciated of my dressing sense, I could not score much on other parts which was mentioned above. Hence I felt that I need to take care of those smaller things which may not be really important but still makes an impact. Hence I did started taking care of smaller things which could complete my picture.

I started making it as a habit to clear of all those unwanted growth – be it hair or nails and ensured that I always sported a trimmed look. Though I was criticized even for my trimmed hair, I did not care much because now I felt real confident and also started to enjoy the pleasure that it had brought in.

The best part was I started telling my friends also about the importance of taking care of these smaller things which were always been neglected by them and once they also started implementing it, they felt the real difference and started praising me for making them perfect.

I stand as a testimony to few of my friends who lacked confidence then but had overcome it now and are really confident in whatever they do. They thank me for the change and I thank my friend who inspired be in opting for a change in myself which I have imbibed in return to my other friends too…

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