Luck favors the Lucky Few…

Luck is always been a point of debate. This comes into picture when there is a conflict between Performance and the End Result. We tend to put the blame on so called “LUCK”.

Well, I have believed in Luck too, though not always but at times when I really needed its Help or I was not confident on myself or when I tend to have committed a mistake. Thankfully, LUCK had always favored me. However I have seen that it was not the same when it was with others. Well, let us not talk about it now.

I am sharing few incidents where LUCK favored me big time. The most recent and more appropriate one to this topic happened some five years ago. I was employed in an Multinational Company and though we were not given much importance on dressing, there were few rules and regulations especially when there were few high profile dignitary visits to the office premises.

Since dress code was relaxed, we never had to worry about Formal Dressing and hence we all were real casual. There was once the CEO of my company visiting my office and since it was Saturday we never thought it would make much difference. I did get a mail which mentioned about the general appearance which included clean shaven face and trimmed beard. Since it was the end of the week and I was already exhausted, I had totally forgotten about the mail.

I got ready and got picked up by the cab a bit early and then I realized that I had forgotten to shave and also not trimmed my overgrown hair since I always had the habit of doing it on Sunday. Thankfully, when I reached the office, I got the notification that the CEO visit was postponed to Monday. That was a great sigh of relief for me. As I said earlier, I started to believe “Luck favors the Lucky few…”

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