Truth saved me from Major Disaster

When you speak the truth, it is always bitter but have you realized that it is this truth which can save you from lot of hassles and unwanted / uninvited trouble. Well, if you have not realized it yet, it is time to realize.

Whether we agree to it or not, we all have started to tell lies right from our childhood at one point of time or the other. The most common scenario is hiding the marks especially when it is given to you just before your Quarterly or Half Yearly holidays as you wanted to enjoy your holidays first and then to face the consequences of scoring less on your examinations.

Luckily to me, my Mom had always appreciated me to tell the truth but in-spite of the freedom given to me, I had once hidden revealing the marks of an answer sheet since I scored less but despite that I secured 3rd Rank in the class. I felt the real agony and pain having concealed it for a while because it gave me sleepless nights back then and I was forced to make a vow myself that I would not conceal any to my parents especially to my mother as I knew that she always wanted me to be trouble-free.

Years later, I was placed in a reputed Multinational Company and was earning an handsome salary but due to various reasons I had to borrow from various credit cards and though I could manage to pay the bills, it was not sufficient to clear the whole lot as I was paying only the minimum balance. I thought I could manage it but things took a different turn when my marriage arrived. I had to do some unavoidable spending  and I could only rely on my credit card which offered me instant credit. I could have asked my parents but my dignity at that point of time had stopped me from doing so.

The pride which I had once of holding and maintaining ten different credit cards has slowly started becoming a pain. I was still managing to pay the minimum bills but I knew that at some point of time, I would hit a dead-end. Just then I had also decided to quit my job as the pressure was mounting and I was also looking to venture into other areas of my interest which I had perceived from my childhood as dream(s).

Remember, at this point of time, things were still under my control and I had decided to open up to my parents which I did without wasting much time. I had never expected an immediate solution but I got one from my Mother.She had cleared my debts just like that and gave me a tension free life, yet again at a critical point in my life. I owe it all to my mother and with this, I would like to emphasize the need of speaking the truth always at least to your Near and Dear ones so that you will not end up in a disaster.

Never Hide and Be Happy,always…

Have a look at this awesome TVC by Kinley:


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