FRU Jelly – Review

When I got the FRU Jelly packs, I started jumping with joy because it is from my favorite brand – Yes. Baba Products

The packing itself is unique. When you see this, you will not disagree with me 🙂

FRU Orange


When you have kids at home, this is the right gift to give it to them because they would celebrate you and would be grateful to you, forever.

This pack had Re.1/- pack. Total of 60 Units. When I opened it, this is what I had found inside.


Don’t they look colorful and tempting?? “Yes.It is..” I can hear you say that 🙂

It had a combination of 4 flavors – Strawberry, Mango, Orange and Guava. The colors of the package correspond to the fruit flavor, it had inside it. The package was shining and attractive.

I opened a Strawberry Flavor as it was my favorite. Even the jelly was made in the same shape as Strawberry. Have a look here:


Wow..How tempting this one,isn’t it?? Yummy, Juicy, Tasty…You name it,You have it – in this FRU Jelly.

My niece who was with me was really excited and I gave her an Orange flavored FRU Jelly. Look at her expressions now…

photo 5

There goes the other one…

photo 6

The best thing is, these jellies were made of real fruit pulp and hence there is no question of artificial flavors. They tasted real good. They are neither too soft nor too hard. I would say, it was in the right combination. If one wants to prolong the taste, they can keep it without having to chew it as it melts slowly and graciously but on the other hand, if you wanted to finish it soon, you can do it by chewing it.

This is a best gift not only for kids but for all because who will say NO to a SWEET especially to JELLIES??

Remember, next time, you think about a Jelly, FRU is always there to satisfy your taste buds 🙂


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