Stay Fresh with iBuyFresh

eCommerce is taking the World by storm. You get anything and everything just by a click of a button. Earlier, people were bit averse to this idea as they were worried about Quality of the Product and most importantly Security. But these are the things of the past. You could see lot of start-ups from India being made it BIG in the world of eCommerce.

We are home to lot of sites like FlipKart,SnapDeal,Myntra,Jabong to name a few. After seeing the great success in this field, even multinational majors like eBay,Amazon had joined the fray. Yeah, we get from Pen to Plane. But do we get something which is the most essential part of our life??

Yes, these sites do sell almost anything and everything under the sun but they do not sell Fruits and Vegetables.Do they?

This is where iBuyFresh comes into the picture. This is a brain child of Mr Senthil Natrajan  who is the second generation entrepreneur who has carried forward the legacy of Mr.Natrajan who is the founder Kovai Pazhamudhir Nilayam. He is the CEO. He is ably assisted in this start up with Mr Venkatesan Krishnan who is also the COO and Mr Madan who heads the IT Department.While his dad is taking care of the outlets in Coimbatore and other places, Mr Senthil Natrajan is taking care of Chennai region which is a hub of 22 outlets and has also ventured into eCommerce.

I was invited to their warehouse in Perungudi Industrial Estate and I was taken to the warehouse and office. When I got the visiting card of one of the staff member, I could see the ideology of the founder who thinks and perceives the concept in an innovative way.


Innovative isn’t it??

The warehouse is neatly maintained. In the entrance, they have kept the delivery slots. For their convenience, Chennai hub has been divided into 4 parts. As and when the vehicles are available, they get loaded according to the area, pin code etc.,

Customer Experience Executive:

This is a unique concept. The staffs who go for delivery are called Customer Experience Executive which means the guys you see out there to deliver your products are well trained and they are not just delivery boys but more than that 🙂 iBuyFresh scores in this. You can tell about your experience not only via mail or online but can share with these guys in person.

Refund Policy:

The company has a unique refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it then and there and the money will go into the wallet account which can be used again for the purchase. Similarly, if your product has not been delivered on designated time, you get to receive 10% Refund of your bill. Now this is something which only a pizza chain was doing it so far. iBuyFresh is the only store which is doing it out there.


The unique idea of delivery makes your life simple. You place an order before 1PM, you get to receive the product on the same day. How cool is that?

You also get to select the time slot you wish to get your good delivered on and you get it on your prescribed time slot. Great convenience isn’t it because you need not have to stay at home all through the day waiting for the delivery of product.

How to Order:

You can order by calling them on 044-40606060 and alternatively you can also order it on their website and they came up with unique way of ordering. You can also write your list and send it via WhatsApp and it gets delivered to you.

Quality of Packing:

The warehouse is so hygienically maintained and all the packing is done with imported plastic which retains the quality and freshness of the fruits and vegetables. Things like Greens are handpicked and sorted out to ensure that you get complete fresh product. Even if you buy a cauliflower, you will not see dark spots in it. They are checked or the weights and they are sorted as per the customer requirement.

What is unique with them is they do not mix Fruits&Vegetables with Groceries like Soap and Detergent and they get packed and sent to you separately.

Stock and Wastage:

Wastage is high when it comes to Fruits and Vegetables as they are perishable however it is not the case with regards to groceries as they have longer shelf life. The company also ensures that they keep almost all the brands of a specific category because you never know which brand a customer would ask for.

These stocks are sent to a specifically designed handheld machine and as these stocks are stocked in shelves which has a unique numbering system, it is easy for the staffs to identify the products.

What I found on this visit or my Take Away:

1) The warehouse is neat and well maintained.

2) You can rely on the products as you are getting the best.

3) If you have the passion, you can surely make it big.

iBuyFresh is a testimony to that. Let us support them for this novel idea and make our life easier because they are there to deliver – when ever and where ever you wanted…


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