Breaking the Barrier

I am really delighted to write this blog post in dedication of my mom. The description that follows are some of the real life incidents which my mom bravely fought and came up.

Remember, my mom had cleared only 10th Std and since she was forced to get married at her early age, she made it a point that what she ha had suffered did not get affected in our real life.

Firstly, it was education. Here as a boy/guy, I had the privilege of selecting my own course and career which had due support from my Mom. I am not talking about my dad because he is always in the background and did not play vital part in day to day activities. What makes my mom real special is she ensured that my sister get great education as well. Yes, she is a Post Graduate and was given education just like me in the premier colleges in the city. Now my mom had beaten the odd of making my sister educated so that she can stand on her own legs.My sister is not an HR in a MNC company and my mom’s sacrifice and action couple with foresight is a testimony to my sister’s success.

Secondly, I wanted to talk about Marriage. My mom was forced to get married which I had mentioned earlier. She made it a point that neither me nor my sister get into that situation and ensured that we get educated and well placed till we got married to the better-half of our choice. What my mom had failed in her earlier age, she made it a point to turn into triumph when she grew up making her kids to achieve the success.

Finally, I wanted to talk about Finance. My mom did not study Accountancy or Mathematics but she managed our finances with such a precision and accuracy that she had turned bad situations into a Win-Win one.We are well placed now and the due credits are surely for her acumen in finances.

Its tribute time now. Here is the pic of my Mom who made it all possible…


Thank You Mom, for being there. I am sure your story would stand as an inspiration to many out there….

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