Defying the Odds

This post is again a dedication to all those women out there who have worked odd to come up in their lives – since inspiring stories are all around us and it is time that we brought them out and help those in getting their due recognition, though they might be well placed in their career.

Here, I am going to talk about my better half. Now you may be wondering what this guy is up to. Well, I feel really proud in doing this blog post for her who had been my pillar and strength when ever I wanted her support.


My better half Mrs P G Priyadarshini is from a small town in the border of Andhra which is now a Municipality. Though she was born in a well to do family whose grandfather was a village head and her great grand father were Palegars(local chieftains), that did not stop her from excelling in her studies. She was deeply discouraged by her jealous friends and few others who wanted her not to get into MBBS when she had the capacity and talent. However she did not allow things to go against her. She did her B.Tech in a famous college in Tirupati and completed her M.Tech in Anna University.

She struggled during her education staying in hostel and the likes as her parents could not come and stay with her due to their commitments but she ensured what they had dreamt of, had been fulfilled. After successfully clearing her post graduation, she got placed in reputed colleges and is currently a Assistant Professor in a leading Engineering college in the outskirts of Chennai. She feels proud about her profession where she successfully mold and sends out hundreds of engineers every year. She encourages her students to such an extent that many of her old students are still in touch with her.

As a better half, I could not ask for more because she has already made me proud!!!

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