Troubled with Pimples


Nightmare.For almost all the teenagers across the world. We are more susceptible to this because of various circumstances which includes climate, nature of food we consume, dust and other things that surrounds us.

As a teenager, even I was not spared. Yes, I had pimples back then and when ever it appeared on my face, I felt so dejected. The reason is simple – I wanted to look pretty – in the eyes of young girls back then. I did not feel bad back then because I felt it was the most common scenario as I was one among few millions who was affected by this worldwide.

I never knew there were lot of things which went wrong.If I had avoided them,I could have had a spotless face.I use to take lot of oily items back then and I never realized the harm it would do to me, especially to my face. Since the taste was so tempting, it always triumphed over the consequences.

As a guy, I was also prone to exposure to dust and sunlight most often. I did not take much care on my skin and when ever I played outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Badminton,Soccer etc., I never bothered to wash my face quite often. Though at times, I get aught by my mother who ensured that I washed my face, it was not the case always. Though I was active enough to play for hours, when it came to cleansing my skin like washing my face, those few minutes looked like a mammoth task for me.What would happen if I left my face unwashed? The dust gets accumulated and it spurts the appearance of pimples on my face.

Thank God. I did not use much of cosmetics as I read some where that excessive use of varied cosmetics without checking its chemical composition can worsen the situation. At least on that context, I was safe.

Another important thing I forgot during those days was drinking more glasses of water which could have kept me hydrated as well as helped in removing dust and heat out of my body.

Now having seen all the things which had affected me,lets see the consequences I faced.

As a teenager I had these troubles:

1) My Confidence level was badly hit.

2) I could not talk freely to others especially to girls as I felt real bad then.

3) At times, I even stayed indoors without venturing outside and missed out on few events  and programs.

4) I felt bad about my whole image and appearance and badly wanted some MAGIC to happen back then.

5) I felt angry on my mother when she kept telling me it was all because of not listening to her advice to keep my face clean.

Thankfully those dark days are gone. If only I had access to Garnier Pure Active Neem, I would have been on Heaven 🙂

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