More On – Its Time To Change

Well, if you have read my previous blog ” Its time to change” , Many Thanks for that. If you haven’t please go through it before you could come back to this to understand in detail as to what exactly I am trying to convey here.

We saw as to how Women are exploited even in the 21st Century where we speak in great detail about Gender Inequality but in reality it seems to be a Myth and there is no signs of achieving that any time soon.

We can do it. All we need is the mindset to come over it. We may talk but that is not going to make any difference unless it has been put into action. Coming to our discussion, the study further revealed few more shocking facts. What are they and how can we overcome that? Let us see in detail.

73% of married Indian Women feel, a man prioritizes over relaxing rather than helping with household chores. We have to accept this though this may seem exaggerated for the fact that during the weekends, men sit and watch television while women would be busy in cooking and washing that entire week’s clothes. Isn’t that real? This is a sad state of affairs. Even they have worked the whole week and don’t they also need some sort of relaxation? Yes, they need to. What can we do? Nothing much. All we need to do is some simple tasks. How about washing our clothes on a daily basis rather than getting it accumulated? It eases all the work. We may talk about being LOW or treated LOW here if we do this as a men but we would do it with pride, if we were in a foreign nation. Won’t we? We say we do it to help our spouse and also to save money. Let us not do it else where but in our Mother Land.

Another stats says more than 2/3rd of men prefer to watch TV than to do the laundry. While I really cannot comment on this and also on any of the above statements, I am voicing out my personal opinion. Please do not get offended as that is not my real intention but trying to bring a change. Laundry is NOT a tedious task especially when you have a washing machine. While you will be watching the TV, the work gets done without disturbing you.

Finally, another stats says 77% of Indian Men depend on women for doing the laundry. This has to be changed. While we had the luxury of getting this done by our Mom being a kid, its high time we reciprocate as this is fitting tribute we can show our mother. So this means, my post hereby appeals not only to married MEN but also to Bachelors….


I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.


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