Proposal – Many Ways….


An Universal Feeling which has swept lot of people throughout for generations. LOVE is Unique and is a Binding Point for all as it keeps hatred at bay and with LOVE, one can conquer any heights. LOVE can completely change a man or a woman. It can make a rough guy to become a real soft guy which we had seen in movies and else where( in reality).

Each and every one would have fallen in love at some point of time for sure and those who haven’t, I would say were unfortunate souls as this is something which makes you feel the essence of Life. It makes you feel the vibe of it and it can only be experienced but cannot be reflected openly.

However we have been seeing lot of innovative ways when it comes to proposing your girl friend. I take this as a pride of men because it is we who propose a girl in majority. There are few bold girls as well who would propose you, if you were lucky 🙂

OK. Coming to my way of proposing a girl..
I always love to be innovative because girls love a guy being innovative rather than a boring and a routine guy.

How will I propose?
It is simple at times and bold at times. It all depends on the mood and the girl. Don’t think I have many girls to propose. I just said what I felt…

Firstly, I would start sending roses every day for 365 days till Feb 14 where I would propose my girl. I am sure no girl would hate a flower.

I may go a bit further being innovative. I would buy an acre of land and register in my girl friend’s name and send the deed to her proposing my love in a drone with wordings – “It just landed”. I am sure, I can make her flatter with this way of proposing.

I would also take her on a hot air balloon ride and when I reach the top of a mountain, I would propose her keeping air and earth as a witness.

The other way to propose is to take her to deep sea diving and propose her in between some beautiful coral reefs because how long will I be showing the same flowers which would make her feel bored…

The other way I would propose is by taking her to a restaurant where I would have booked the whole terrace and by lighting candle all over and sitting on a full moon light, I would hand over a diamond solitaire soaked in wine to propose my love.

There are lots and lots of ideas that keeps flowing on my mind. Few cannot be openly divulged 😉

I am sure you have liked the way I would propose a girl and the disclaimer I wish to give here with is “Please don’t copy my ideas” 🙂

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