QUIKR NXT – The Next Best Thing



It surely is the next best thing one could have ever wanted. QUIKR is the household name which we all are familiar of. The other day when I sold some of my old items, the transportation guys who took the items I had sold on behalf of buyer were discussing with themselves ” He has sold it via Quikr”. Such is the impact Quikr has made it over years where even an illiterate is knowing the brand name which is a testimony to the fact of its REAL Success.

Now coming to the topic.

What is QUIKR NXT?

This is the next step where if you are not comfortable of posting your details on a public domain with regards to selling your items, you can do so with this revolutionary technology without disclosing much of your details.

Now, if you ask me as to why I have selected this, I would be listing the three best things which I found it suitable not only for me but also to others, in common.


This is the first and foremost important thing. Yes. PRIVACY.

I need not have to disclose about my details or the items I wish to sell because even though QUIKR is just a facilitator where we are using their Platform FREE of Cost to sell our products and gain or make some quick bucks, you may not get genuine responses all the time. There are people who wanted to show their other side and these culprits usually target women sellers. They keep dialing them and torturing them though they never have genuine intention to buy. By keeping your number private, you can be rest assured that there is literally no chance of your number being misused.


2. CHAT:

This is the next best thing. We may not expect people to call us up all the time and gone are days where we use to put – “Preferred Contact Time”.We did this because of lot of things like being in Office, Meeting etc which will not be the case any more. We can start the chat with the buyer instantly and we can do it with ease without being get caught or disturbed even in the office 😉

By Chatting we can get to know about the buyer’s interest and specifications and we may even up sell some of our other products which we were intended to sell if he/she is not interested in one of the products we sell. This is an advantage for both of us – BUYER & SELLER.

People would tend to open up more during chat because these days every one is having a smart phone and data cost is real cheap when compared to Phone Call as it needs to be in a specific plan or with some rate cutter plan subscribed on the number.



Once the buyer evinced real interest, we can share the pics clicked and shared with them instantly. This would evoke greater interest and we can sell our products much quicker than we have intended to sell.


To sum up, CHAT option gives

a) Privacy

b) Total Control and

c) Photo Sharing with Quicker Results.


When you are with QUIKR, Results are always QUICKER 🙂

To know more about this revolutionary experience, visit  http://www.quikr.com/


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