Ramayana – The Game of Life – Shattered Dreams : Book 2

The second book in the series by Shubha Vilas is yet again a commendable one. The story starts with the introduction of NEMI and I wondered who this person was. He was the one who killed Samabarasura by driving his rath in 10 directions and hence called DASARATHA.

The story then went to discuss about Six Anarthas to conquer and also Triple Virtues which Rama possessed. The way of testing was blissfully explained here where Dasaratha hugs his son Rama and even 1/4th of this would have crushed a normal person but it was just like a feather touch to Lord Rama.

Then the story goes towards Dasagriva who is none other than Ravana. He acquires Pushpak Vimana forcefully.He tries to conquer demigods and since Peacock saved them, Lord Indira made them to have multitude of colors with each feather having an imprint of his eye.He also made them immune from all diseases.

Similarly Yama made crow fearless of death and ensured food served to them reaches the ancestors in Yamaloha.

Now the story goes towards Meganadha who was titled Indrajit by Lord Brahma after he defeated Indira.However Kartivirya Arjuna defeats Ravana teaching him lesson – Over Confidence will drown you in the river of Reality.

The introduction of Manthara could not have been made better than this.The usage of word DASA SAPTA CHA VARSANI where in Rama took to exile not at the age of 17 but at 24 since the word CHA implies addition of last used numeral to the total which is 7.

Author has beautifully portrayed the pleading of Sita and Lakshamana to take them along when Rama has agreed to go to exile.

The Four Gems from Trijata story was a learning point for all.The emotions of the citizens of Ayodhya when Rama leaves for exile was captured so beautifully in this story.Even a minute detail was not left out.

The boatman who got the opportunity to wash the Lord’s Feet and the story behind it was awesome.It was totally new to me.What Dasaratha did in his youth comes back to haunt him later which proves “For every Action there is Equal and Opposite Reaction”

The saints mastered foreseeing the future and may be that is why Bharadwaj Muni has asked Sita to worship Shyam – a gigantic banyan tree but did not ask Lord Rama to do it. Author here raises a valid question? Did the Muni knew Lord Rama’s next incarnation is Shyam?

The uniqueness of Ramayana was the presence of KARUNA RASA where no one cries for himself or herself but for the inconvenience and suffering of others.It was a real pity to see Bharatha being tested in various instances about his intentions.The management lessons – Respect, Decision, Reputation, Team and Character were the highlights in this book.

Finally Anusuya Devi’s story was impressive where she transforms Trimurti’s to toddlers and giving a send off to Lord Rama,Sita and Lakshmana makes me to wait for the 3rd book impatiently.

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