Love Knew No Boundaries

I was always a obedient and a disciplined boy which I would say as Self-Imposed rather than being imposed forcefully on me.

During my initial stages of life, II was a very shy person and as and when I see girls, I use to run into hiding though I had all the chances to interact with them. I do NOT regret for having missed those golden chances then, now and forever 😉

After my first love which I had shared in my previous blog, I was very much particular of NOT falling in Love until I met the 2nd Girl.

She was from Russia. I always had a good opinion about the country being friendly to India and when I saw this girl with blue eyes, I could not stop myself falling into love yet again(read it as infatuation). It all started with CHAT which was popular those days and Facebook or Twitter were not invented then.

Slowly it was transformed into mail conversations. Later on, she gave me her telephone no and those days, calling overseas was ridiculously expensive. So what I do is to save the balance till the end of the month and blow it up by calling her in a single day. Luckily IP telephony was invented and though it was still expensive(as we were using Dial-Up connections then), it was much better than Telephone rates and I was happily chatting with her.

Later on, I started sending her gifts(just like the previous story of mine)and it included Musical Greetings to start with and then I had sent her a copy of “Gone with the Wind” which she had photographed and sent it across to me. I don’t think no one who is in love will send gifts of these kind which I had sent it across.

I also made my mom to speak to her. She cried with happiness. Unlike in the previous one, here I asked her for her Hair(yet again inspired by a tamil movie) and when she had sent it, I preserved it with such great care(as if it was a treasure) and just like in the movie, my story had a tragic end as I got a mail from her id one day saying she was no more. When I counter attacked as to how that is the case, she confessed saying it was her friend who did that. I had never mailed her after that incident.

I would say TIME and PLACE at least by then had played a Spoil Sport but it is NOT the case anymore as one can travel anywhere anytime at much affordable cost these days….

I am sure lot of you would agree you had similar incidents in your life. Its time to open up. Let’s do it in a style 🙂


When I saw this video, I was amazed. Have a look at it to understand what I actually meant…

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