My Crazy Love


When this captured my senses, I went real crazy. Gone were days when I use to make a mockery of my friends and others who use to wait for their lady love for hours together in the bus stop trying to catch a glance of them or to give them a send-off. Little did I knew that the same whirlwind would capture me as well.

I was on a tuition for a professional course when I had fallen in love with a girl – which I now realize is a mere infatuation, who had come from a different state. With constant support from my friends, my admiration towards her started gathering pace and I did many things which I could not even think about it now, even in my wildest dreams.

It all started with a friendship band which I gave it to her and she had asked me to tie it in her hands. Slowly when she started interacting with me, I mistook it as LOVE and when I had been to Pondicherry, I bought a small Ganesha Idol and gave it to her. Few days later, I gave her a fancy pen though my friends warned me that it would damage the friendship.

Later on, I gave her few more gifts though she wondered as to why I was showering her with these gifts. On her Birthday, I arrived much earlier and had gifted her a Bar Chocolate which I had kept secretly in my refrigerator with great struggle – away from the eyes of my parents. I had also started waiting in the bus stop like others(read the first para in this blog)until she got her bus and so on and so forth.

What I did finally was EPIC. I proposed her through a letter which was neatly folded and kept in a Jewel Box. She was taken aback as she thought it was a jewel. I convinced her saying that it wasn’t and asked her to read and reply. I do NOT remember the contents of it but it was something in line with the same scene that had appeared in a famous director’s movie where the hero played two roles – one that of a innocent Brahmin and another of a Playboy character(P.S. I meant only the contents of the letter and NOT the character itself).

She read and as mentioned in the letter, I asked her to wear the band if she wanted to take it to the next level – LOVE but unfortunately against my request, she had not worn a short sleeve churidhar but a full sleeved one where I could NOT see whether she had worn my band or not. When my friends went and spoke to her, she said she had great respect on me and refused to read the letter again as it might change her mind.

I did not disturb her post that event and that was the last time I had interaction with that girl. LONG LIVE LOVE 😉

Look at this awesome video to get inspired…

I am really glad to have shared my secrets in the open forum for the simple fact even my better-half is aware about it 🙂


What are you waiting for?? Share and get rewarded as there is a saying “Make Hay while the Sun Shines”

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