My Whole NEW World

How many times have you ever thought about changing this World?

I am sure you would have thought about it, at least ONCE if not many and in the worst case scenario, on your dreams for sure 🙂

When I was asked what would be “YOUR WORLD”, if given a chance my imaginations started running at the speed of infinity.


To start with my “NEW World or NW” as we would call henceforth, it will have a mix of Plush Greenery and Skyscrapers on a equal mix. You will find dedicated space allocated for cattle as NW will have a compulsory raising of Cattle so that each house will source its own Milk which is free from adulteration on a daily basis.


The road lines will be the next sector. All the roads will be laid with plastic bitumen with a guaranteed life of 50 years and there will be a separate line for Bicyclists and Pedestrians. No hawkers or peddlers will be allowed as they all will be having their own shops.

All roads will also have over-bridge and above that there will be Metro/Mono Rails and people can select their mode based on their convenience. There will not be any toll as it will be collected from the citizens on annual basis. These roads are slippery proof and will have security cameras installed in main points with one ambulance stationed in every 5 kms. In the worst case scenario, there will be an immediate provision of Airlifting.


Vehicles will be the highlight. All the vehicles will be powered by Electricity and instead of Petrol Pumps there will be Recharge Points/Units.


All the places in NW including lighting in offices, malls, public places, streets, parks, houses etc will be powered by Solar and hence there is NO question of Power Shortage or Power Cuts reducing Pollution by more than 95%

All the public places are given adequate security leaving no question ever about Theft, Murder and Women Safety.


There will be only Two Parties – Ruling and Opposition. There wont be Dual Government – State and Central but just One. There will be e-Governance and even the Votes would be cast from home leaving behind all chaos and expenses.

Everyone will be given education and taxes will be deducted automatically leaving no trail for Black Money. Bills will be issued for all services electronically. All properties will be owned by the Government. There will not be any pending cases.


All the places will be connected with Wi-Fi with access to Smart Gadgets. My NW is literally free from all diseases. All the old items are recycled. There won’t be any nuclear reactors or armaments. We would have technology to go to all the 8 planets and return back.


All the rivers would be interconnected and hence there is no question of flood, drought or famine.

This is Ver 1.0 of my NW & there is always a scope for Up-gradation.

I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15


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