Unconditional Love With ASUS

We all love gadgets. I am no exemption. I love it a way bit more and hence I am giving out my top 5 reasons as to why my ASUS Zenfone is my ideal valentine.

To begin with, my Valentine is ASUS Zenfone 6

Reason #1:

LOOKS. Yes. My Zenfone is Sleek and Attractive and hence easy to handle. Who would want a heavy one? You may not agree or have a second opinion but look the picture attached below. I am sure you would agree without a second thought.



Don’t they look attractive and sexy both in the front and in the rear? What more can you ask for??? You also have a choice to select from wide range of colors and I had settled with black so that it is free from dust and other visible dirt.


PRICE. Yes. You read it right. In spite of so much power packed specifications which you will see it in the following reasons, this is priced competitively. This surely gives an advantage over its peers. Now tell me honestly, would you prefer a Valentine who is expensive or relatively a cheaper/moderate one? As it does not bite my pocket much which won’t be the case with others and at instance it would cost much higher to even buy a gift to a real valentine, I would comfortably settle with my Zenfone 6.


AVAILABILITY. Yes. My Valentine is easily available in spite of its beauty and performance. You need not have to go searching for her. She will come to you with much ease by a single click on the internet and she does not throw her weight even though she is in much DEMAND. Now this is something everyone should and will consider. I got my Valentine with ease. No search here and there.


UPGRADABLE. Not all the Valentine’s can be upgradable be it a guy or a girl unless you replace them but my Valentine is very much upgradable living up to my expectations. Though she was launched with Android Version 4.3(Jelly Bean), she is now upgraded to Version 4.4.2(KitKat) and is functioning smoothly as ever.


INTELLIGENCE. Yes, my valentine has Intel Atom Z2580 Processor inside which means she can do the work with much ease and intelligence without expecting much from me. Now, this is a boon not only for me but for any valentine as well as it reduces dependency. She can execute her work much smoothly without getting confused and in a clear and candid way.

The above mentioned were my priority reasons to select ASUS Zenfone 6 as my Valentine and if you ask me, I can given more reasons as well as this is CRAFTED WITH PERFECTION…

To know more about “Unconditional Love”, watch this awesome video

For these awesome set of iconic mobile phones, visit the link  http://www.flipkart.com/asus


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