My Dream Life

Life has many things to offer. We are often denied of so many hings because of various restrictions like Time, Place and most importantly Money. We had to forego our wishes because of these resources which fall in short supply. Every one would have had to forego their so called DREAMS and we are accustomed to live with it which is a good thing in one way as it reduces Crime and other side effects.

If you were given a chance of not bound by any of them mentioned above, what would you do?

It seems a simple question with overflowing answers in your mind but trust me, it is NOT the case because when I was asked this, I was stumped because I had so many on my mind and prioritizing it became a daunting task.

If I was #BefikarUmarBhar I would be doing the following 5 things – not necessarily in the order of my Priority.

Bucket List #1 – WORLD TRIP

Yes. I would wish to see all the possible places in the World because I firmly believe in One Life and when that’s the case, I do not wish to miss the opportunity of visiting the places that would always inspire and fantasize me. We have so many countries with varied culture and by visiting them though I may not master them all, but can at least learn a few and try to teach them our culture as well 🙂

Bucket List #2 – Owning an Island

This was always been in my mind since my childhood. I would wish to own an exotic island somewhere in the Bahamas and enjoy the luxury by visiting them every now and then when I wanted to get some relief from stress at work listening to the music of waves and indulge myself in the scenic beauty

Bucket List #3 – Conquering Mt.Everest

Mt. Everest is also in my bucket list. It might sound strange but that is what I am. I wish to climb it and currently restricted because of time and the cost associated with it. I would do it happily if I could get a chance to afford it.

Bucket List #4 – Setting Up an Orphanage & Old Age Home

This is surely in my list right from my childhood and I cannot afford it as I need to spend time in setting it up – right from the scratch by getting a License, Registration, so on and so forth which needs enormous time an investment(money). The main reason I wanted to do this is to see the smile on the faces of old people who were abandoned by their kids or vice-versa when it comes to an Orphanage – kids abandoned by their parents.

I am sure I get to do this when I am retired for sure.

Bucket List #5 – Learn all form of ARTS

Now this may sound a bit exaggerated but it is TRUE. As a kid I wanted to lean Karate and Swimming but the coaching centers were located elsewhere. Similarly  also wanted to learn Bharatanatyam but the dance master refused to teach me because I was a male. Wish I had time and money by then because I could have joined Kalashetra and would have been a Master myself by now.

Well, I do not regret for missing out on all the above wishes as we are always living on Dreams and as long as it is in the distance it will be a pleasant dream until it turns out to be a reality where we know what they have in store for us as there is a saying – “Grass is always greener on the other side”

I happened to watch this video in line with my above experience and I would surely recommend you all to have a watch on it as well.

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