My Lullabies

Well, I could relate to few of the pleasant moments I had shared with my niece when she was a baby and she was living in my house for almost a year since it is a custom in my religion.

It was almost 6 years back. I was in a different city working for an MNC and my shift always got over in the middle of the night – at 12:30 or 1:30AM and by the time I reach home, it would be almost 2AM.

Initially I was feeling sad of coming back so late but since I was the Breadwinner for my family back then, I chose to live with it but it turned out to be a pleasantry nights when my sister came for the delivery of her child. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on October 27th and then on-wards, the nights were amazing.


My niece use to sleep in the morning and would be awake in the middle of the night. In fact she made it a habit in such a way that as soon as she hears the sound of the vehicle outside the door, she is awake and starts playing. Since my Mother and my Sister use to take care of her in the morning, they are already exhausted by then. That gives me a complete freedom of taking care of her. I quickly finish my dinner and use to play with her for some time. Then I make her sleep by putting her gently on the lap and keep shaking my legs. Initially, when she was a baby, she use to go to sleep quickly but after 3 months or so, the gentle shake did not get much effect and she refused to sleep. I had to increase the speed in order to make her sleep and she slept happily.

As far as my knowledge goes, she had never cried for any inconvenience or for hunger. When I use to have weekend, I took longer time in making her sleep. Till then,I use to sing lullabies and also use to make some action with my hands which was more than enough to make her feel tempted and happy.

When she grew up even more bigger, she had always used to stare at us when we had ice cream or any nice stuff and she indirectly made gestures with her mouth and ever since, we made it a point of not eating anything awesome in front of her. She was also so naughty that when we use to watch television, she also tried to rotate her head to stare at television. For her sake, we even stopped watching television when she was awake.

Though these were few things we cannot live without in our day to day life, when one has a baby at home, sacrifices becomes a common scenario and you do it with utmost happiness because it is a “PLEASANT PAIN” and you would never mind sacrificing your television, food, time or just anything else. I am sure, you all will agree with me 🙂

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