My Review – The Recession Groom by Vani


Well, just like my usual start I was amazed when I finished reading this book.. The story revolves around main character Parashuraman who is born in a Hindu Punjabi family and was settled in Canada. The other characters were his Sister, his aunt and his cousin sisters Tia and Ana.

He works in a MNC in Canada called Vezza as an IT Specialist. On his peak days he gets bombarded with marriage alliances though he was least bothered. His Sister Ragini tries to fix him up with a South Indian family  while his aunt with a daughter of a multi millionaire from US. Though he did not liked the former but fell in love with the latter.

When the proposal with the US Hindu girl was fixed, something bad happens. Yes, Parashuraman was laid off despite his stupendous performance and what happens in the end is an unexpected one – though I would say it is a Perfect Ending.

The author has beautifully captured the essence of family bonding, culture and tradition while also brought out the feelings of a guy in an exceptional way which I feel is a positive one this book has to over since these days jealousy is wide spread and family bonding seems to be a rarity.

I could also very well relate the feeling of a bachelor with his sister and aunt since I also has a sister and few of the incidents had happened in my life as well, though not all, luckily. This book hasn’t got any negatives at least for me for sure since I live with my parents and my sibling stays just in the next apartment. This gives a perfect family bonding in my personal life. This story also emphasize on being focused in life and learn to compromise which can make your life, a real cake walk or a smooth one – which I think will be agreed by any one beyond doubt!!

I could also see the influence of Tamil in few places and being a Chennaite, it gives me a pleasant feeling by default though my mother tongue is a different language 🙂

Title:  The Recession Groom

Author: Vani
Category: Fiction

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Date: 2014
Price: Rs. 299
Pages: 295

ISBN: 9789384226589

The Recession Groom : The Story of a IT Professional entangled in Love/Family Sentiments and Recession

The Recession Groom is a fiction from Vani set in the world of corporates where it throws light on the difficulties faced by a man who is bundled with family emotions and Love.

Summary of the Book

This is a story about Parashuraman who is born in a traditional Hindu Punjabi Family who is born a traditional Hindu Punjabi Family and raised for few years in the US before finally got a job offer from a MNC and settling in Canada. This story revolves around his attachment to his family – His Sis, Nani and Aunt since he lost his parents in his childhood and how they play a vital role in his Life especially his LOVE does surely make this novel a compulsory read.

About Vani

Vani was born in Garian,Libya in a traditional Hindu Punjabi Family.She has got Masters Degree inEconomics alongside program in Mass Communications and has worked with The Times of India and The Financial Express.She went to pursue her MBA in Kingston University,London. The Recession Groom is her first novel.

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