Performance – Have Standards Lifted or Dropped – I will say it is Lifted

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Cricket has been a sporting extravaganza right from its inception. Initially it was called a gentleman’s game as it was played by English Players and those from the elite class. Slowly due to its advent of popularity, it had spread its wings across all over the World and we have 14 countries playing Cricket in the World Cup.

Cricket is one of the major revenue garnering sporting event after Olympics and Soccer. It is viewed by more than 1 billion people worldwide. We in India, celebrate it as a religion. We eat,live and sleep cricket. There are lot of brands which support this sport and we have seen lot of talents all through these years.

Now, coming to the actual game. Has the performance lifted or dropped?

I would say it has lifted for sure.


I am giving out the reasons one by one.

Initially, it was only a Test that was played between two nations and when that became tedious, we shifted to 60 over ODI match. Those days scoring above 250 is a rarity.What has happened in this World Cup? Teams are easily achieving 300 Plus mark. World’s Fastest Century is scored in little over 5 overs.

Switch hitting, Helicopter Shot, Reverse Sweep were played casually.

We have seen out own men scoring 200+ runs individually for 4 times with Rohit Sharma leading the pack twice followed by Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar. The latest being Chris Gayle.

Most no of sixers were hit by Shahid Afridi followed by Chris Gayle.

Most number of wickets were taken by Muthiah Muralitharan.

Sachin has almost all the records in his name – Mos no of runs, centuries, fifties, world cup runs, highest partnership etc.,

All these along with technology like DRS, Glowing Stumps, Nickometer has clearly shown that players have done splendidly well.

Even when you consider fielding, you would immediately mention Jonty Rhodes. Such is the class of players of the recent generation.

Even a score of 434 was chased. World record One Day Partnership of 372 runs was set only in this World Cup.

Players sweat out a lot these days though they seem to be enjoying the sophistication and all the luxury because end of the day, it is only the performance which speaks and not his stylish looks or fan base….




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