Replacing my Car – just got Quikr

When I decided to get my 4 year old NANO car upgraded to a bigger car since my family has grown in numbers, I was totally confused.

I was confused as to whether I need to go for a new car or an old one. My better half insisted in going for a second hand(used) car since it can save lot of money.

As like others, now I am even more confused because whether it is old or a new car, there are lot of options available – be it with brands, models, variants and price specifications.

So I decided to check it myself online rather than getting in touch with second hand car dealers in my city – Chennai as I know for sure that I need to buy them after paying a handsome commission to those dealers as well since they are middlemen in this business. I wanted to avoid “Middle Men”.


As mentioned earlier, online came to my rescue. Now there are lot of sites even Online and when I checked few of them, it wasn’t impressive because they never had an option of sharing my number with the seller. All I need to do is to note down the number or mail id and call them or mail them. Most of the time, I would get a message saying that the product has already been sold. It is a sheer waste of time and my energy.

Yes, the major drawback with those websites were the details were not updated in real time and even though the products were sold long time ago, they would still be reflecting in the site unless the person who has posted the ad removes it himself/herself or we the buyers find out and flag it to the site admin.

This is a tedious and daunting task. Luckily, I got to see QUIKR NXT. What is this and how does it make any difference? Yes. The catch is this. It is real time unlike other sites. Yes. When I zeroed in on a family sedan, all I need to do is to message the seller. What happened next was even more awesome.

The seller who was online immediately came on chat. I was completely surprised. He asked for my requirements just to ensure that his sedan fits my budget and usage pattern. Now comes the most interesting part. When I asked him for an appointment to visit his house to inspect the car with regards to its color, interior, engine condition, outer looks etc., he asked me to wait for few seconds and he started sending the pics clicked then and there. I was taken aback. This is INCREDIBLE and really QUICK!!

I then realized that I am using QUIKR NXT where sharing Pics are possible in real time and only when I confirmed my willingness to buy his sedan, he had even shared his contact details with me which was hidden till then. This is what I call it as complete privacy because it can stop you from getting annoying calls from buyers who aren’t genuinely interested.

QUIKR NXT – I have already become your fan and won’t go any where else for my online shopping needs..

This post has been written as a part of the “Get a better Car with Quikr NXT!” activity, in association with Indiblogger for the #IndiHappyHours campaign. You can visit Quikr official website for more details.


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