Few Little Things which made my Baby Niece happy

Firstly the very thought of sharing about few events which I had witnessed exclusively when my niece was a baby, makes me feel real good as it is not a recurring chance at least for few years.

As in the traditional Hindu customs, when my sister was pregnant, she came to our home and we had ensured the safe delivery of the baby by admitting her in a beautiful hospital which took utmost care till the baby was delivered. What happened after that is history…

When the baby arrived. we were jumping with joy since it was the first ever baby in our family and first girl baby in more than 40 years even in my in-laws family which had called for celebrations. After few weeks had gone past, the baby started recognizing our faces. She would keep silent during the day and become pro-active when I came back from work. I never felt tired even after 11 hours shift because the moment I saw the baby niece’s face, my worries and tiredness goes off elsewhere.

I use to play with her showing hand gestures and when she see fingers rotating and showing some signs, she gets excited and starts jumping. Then came the television where we use to watch it and she tried real hard to rotate her head to watch the television. In order to make sure she does not get affected by it, we stopped watching television till she was at home.

We also used to play hide and seek when she could start crawling on the floor. We use to go and hide behind the doors and she crawls gently to find us out and burst with laughter as soon as she spotted us. We also played few other games with her like taking her on a horse / elephant ride on our back ably assisted by my sister or mother who used to provide her with support to protect her from falling down.

There were more games we played with her – few with the help of musical gadgets and few with soft toys which kept her busy all the time.

When she grew up little further, I started taking her outside and by showing animals like cow, goat, dog, cat and few other birds, she was kept engaged and was always happy to witness them. What had saved me and also the baby during those days of outing was the usage of Pampers.

This gave her so much of comfort and it was easy even for us to make her wear it. Though she hardly had the habit of wetting her bed, while we went outside, we always ensured she is under the care and protection of Pampers so that we need not have to worry about changing her clothes at least till the time we stayed outside.

Look at this awesome video to get mesmerized…

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