When I Looked Up…

Every one in their life at some point in time would have had a reason to look up which would have given a different perception about the so called “L-I-F-E” that would have really changed their approach towards it for sure.

Even I had few events which I would like to share with you which played a vital part in shaping up my career and approach towards life. While these may sound silly now, you cannot discount it because by then when it happened to me, they meant something different.

I was just 24 then and Life till then was really a smooth flowing one. But all of a sudden, even we had bad times and I was forced to relocate to another city since it offered me better prospects. As I was young with energetic blood flowing in my veins, I started outperforming others in my company. As they say, even an elephant falls at times. This is 100% true because I was also one of the victim. I too had a bad time and this came in the disguise of my friend. She was my team mate and became close to me. I was treating her like my elder sister. Her husband who was also in my company in a different team was not in good terms with her and they were in the verge of separation which had affected her mentally and she had shared it with me to reduce her burden. I took it completely personal and my performance started dipping. From being a Super Star Award Winner, I could hardly perform and this was picked up by my Line Manager who called me and had a discussion. Even though she started targeting me in team meeting, my close friend helped me in overcoming the situation. He told me not to mix Personal life with Professional life. It hit me hard and I was back to form.

What happened next was the irony. The same friend who helped me to come out of the depression had an issue because he fell in love with a girl of my team and when she rejected him initially, it started affecting me since I knew both of them well and being my team mates, I just cannot withstand their suffering. This time, my Line Manager was kind enough. She called me and the other guy and we had a discussion for close to 2.5 hours and this had given me a wider understanding about the real life and this had also enlightened my friend up to some extent.

As they say, everything ends well, I took the initiative and with the help of my parents, I got both of them married and they have completed 8 years of successful marriage and blessed with a baby daughter. What more one could ask for?

When  it is time to Look Up, we need to Look Up…. to grab the opportunity!!!

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