Testimonial for my Friend

I do not know where this friend of mine currently resides but I wanted to write a Testimonial for the fact, he was my first best friend as a kid. He is Natraj or Nataraj. He was staying opposite to my house in Chennai. Due to proximity and being neighbors, his entire family including his Mon, Dad, Sister and Brother became our family friends.

He was a year senior to me in the school but he had always been with me as a good friend. When there was any difficulty faced by me in the school, he always came for rescue. How will I forget about his generosity of buying those Kulfi and Stick Ice Creams, Cotton Candy, Mango and other small fruits that were being sold outside the school..??

During Holi, it is even more special because he has always protected me from being splashed with colors but he would put those colors all over me later, when I got changed to dark colored clothes 😉

Gone are the days when he hits at mango from the trees on our way from School to our home and he picks it up and runs fast so that he would not be caught by the owners and share it with me.

It was during those golden days, we use to fly kite together and he had always got the best of thread to cut the other kites and even when some cut kite falls in his building, he had given it to me.

How can I even forget about this? Yes…It is Street Cricket and when boys form a team, he always ensured that he picked me up in his team since he is a hard hitter and always wins the game for this team.

We even go to his house during the month of December to perform Lord Ayyappa Pooja as his brother used to come with us to Sabraimala and hence my Dad being a Guru Swamy had been held in high esteem.

Due to various personal reasons, he had to vacate his house and those days since email and mobile phone were not in existence, since I am talking about this in late 80’s and early 90’s, I had missed his contact details. I would be rally happy if this could reach him somehow and he comes back. After all, FRIENDHIP is the Only Ship which will not SUNK…What say??

I wrote a small testimonial about him here -> http://scribzoo.com/testimonial.php?id=2064


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