Shopping from USA is now made from your Doorstep


You read it right. You could do your shopping from your favourite brands from USA online without having to worry about lot of hassles like Delivery, Forex Payment, Genuineness of the Product and the Seller etc.,

I had a chance to see this website called iBhejo and I could not believe myself as to what I saw over there. YES. It offers all he products from USA. Why iBhejo ?

Firstly, you could buy having the Indian Address rather than worrying about having one in the US since few companies could deliver only to a US address.

Secondly you get Genuine Products with 60 Days Return Policy.

What makes shopping here even more interesting is FREE Shipping from the USA. When you buy from other sites, usually this charge would be high and some times for a $15 Product, you might have to shell out $5 to $8.

The site has also partnered with PayGuard which means your Payment & Product is Guaranteed. So, if you do not receive Shipping Confirmation within 10 days of purchase, your product does not arrive in maximum of 30 days of purchase, you have received defective/damaged/broken goods or you receive a good different than the one that was listed in iBhejo – What You Get?


Now this is irresistible, isn’t it?

Logging is ever more easy. You can log-in with your username and password. If you are not good enough in remembering them, do not worry at all… You can still log-in with your FB, Twitter or Google Profile. How Cool is that?


It is really impeccable to see lot of great brands lined up over there for our selection. This includes the likes of Rolex, Rado, Omega, Tag Heuer, Apple, Hugo Boss to name a few. You name it, you have it here.

Unlike other International Websites, where you have placed the order and not in a position to know the where about, here in iBhejo, you can always Track your Order. All you need to do is 11 Digit Tracking Number.


Lets go to some Shopping now!!

When I was browsing this awesome site, I stumbled upon this instantly. It was Clearance Sale


As you could see there is a categorization and it makes our life even more easier. You select the category on which you are looking for clearance sale and you are the….

Now my next target was to look into Current Deals to find out what is in store for me. I saw this and was really stunned!!!


If you are looking for daily and stunning deals, this is where you need to look into…

Now, if you are really shopaholic but do not like to spend much, there is another place. Yes. It is Rs.999 and Less

You get lot of stunning products from USA like Soaps, Shampoos, Body Lotion etc over here.


This is incredible, isn’t it??

Now, we would go to New Arrivals.


When I say New Arrivals, it need not have to be necessarily the new launch but products that were sold NEW directly from the Factory or Manufacturer as you may see an iPhone 4S on the Pic above.

Finally we would see about iBhejo Bucks


This is a Unique Program where for every Purchase, you would be given Bhejo Bucks which you can accumulate and spend it on your future purchases. Nothing can beat this as most of the other shopping sites do not offer this facility. For every Rs.100 spent, you earn 1 Bhejo Bucks which is equivalent to Re.1. There is No Minimum or Maximum on this and you can also earn when you refer your friends to this awesome site.

Now this is some serious shopping site. I did not talk much about the products because we know about them. This site is even listed in Amazon and Junglee which are popular across the globe including India.

Now what are you waiting for?? Hit the button and get shopping….


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