Social Media Analysing Made Easy!!!

When it comes to Social Media data analyzing , I had struggling a lot to organize the statistics as I had to run here and there on the web to open the relevant app for the relevant site. It took a lot of time for me to analyze and generate reports. It took a great toll on my precious time and I started hating when it came to generating reports until I saw this awesome site called ThoughtBuzz.

This is totally a different concept where it offers lot of in-depth analytics in a single place. To start with let me take you to the initial screen.


As you could see on the above pic, it offers two different plans – Basic and Premium. If you are happy with just the FB and Twitter, you can go for Basic but on the other hand, if you wanted to include Instagram and other social media profiles with up to 180 days of data storage, you can go for Premium. The only difference is the Pricing. While Basic is absolutely FREE of cost, Premium costs $4.99 a month. Since I use only FB and Twitter the max, I decided to go for Basic Plan.

As soon as you log-in you get the below mentioned screen.

ThoughtBuzz DashBoard

The image is self explanatory as it gives information about what can be done with the icons on the top which appears on the dashboard. The very first page shows the Trends and the Notification. So what ever you tweet, it is right up there in the first page. The trend by default is set to Global. You can however get it changed to India as it is Country Specific and hence I changed it to India.

Next comes the Social Feed page where by adding your feeds, you can keep them checking it here, effectively.

ThoughtBuzz SocialFeed

You then can add your Social Profiles to this great app. As I had selected the Basic Plan, I was entitled only to Add FB and Twitter. If you are in Premium Plan, you can even add others like LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube to name a few. You can see my profile being added there in this great app.

ThoughtBuzz SocialProfiles

Then I wanted to explore Notifications. I was really surprised to see all of them in the app which means I need not have to go to Twitter. What a relief!!

ThoughtBuzz Notifications

What was even more surprising to me was the availability of this exclusive function – Import Followers. Now this is something really amazing. You can import all your followers with a click of a button. Do have a look at the screen shot I had shared here.

ThoughtBuzz ImportFollowers

Finally, you can get even the statistics of the social profile account you have connected.

ThoughtBuzz Statistics

My take on this app:

1) Easy to set up an account.

2) Simple to Use.

3) User Friendly Interface.

4) Great Features.

5) Saves lot of time.

6) Option of adding multiple social profiles.

7) Data retrieval for up to 180 days.

I really loved this app and if you are a social media geek, you would love this as well.

I am checking out Thoughtbuzz as a part of an activity at BlogAdda 


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