A New Meaning to Grocery Shopping

We all do shopping and we does this what do we expect?

Saving of Time, Money and if possible, freebies or reward points.

What if you get all the three?

You read it right!!!

You may ask me, where is this available?

This is available in namma BharathRation

What do they offer?

Firstly, for all the purchase you make, you get a FREE Home Delivery where ever you are in Chennai and also across Tamil Nadu. You can select the day and time slot for taking the delivery. The best part is that you need not have to pay in advance but pay only after taking the delivery of the products which would be checked in front of you and only after ensuring that you have got all the products as per your order, the delivery man accepts cash from you. This is a rarity because most of the delivery guys would rush up which was not the case here.

This is not all. You get to buy all this by a click of a mouse at home and you also get all these products at the price lesser than MRP. Can you beat this?

What makes shopping with Bharath Ration makes even more special is for every Rs.700 Purchase, you get a Movie Ticket FREE which means if you purchase your monthly groceries for Rs.3500, you would be getting 5 movie tickets. Now, who will give this and who will miss this offer?


This is not all. Till March 31st,2015 they are also running a contest for an iPhone6 where they select winners and give them this coveted prize and there is also a MEGA Prize which is an Audi A4.

I must say that I was real lucky. Firstly I saw their ad in The Times of India and after purchased my groceries, I was given movie tickets to SHAMITABH and by the time I finished watching it with my wife,sis and in-law and came out, I also got another sweet news. Yes. I had won an iPhone 6.


I was one among the lucky 10 to win this. I was invited to MaayaJaal on 8/3/15 and was given this awesome phone by Mr.Abhinay, Actor – Grandson of legendary actor Shri Gemini Ganesan. The event was awesome. I was really glad. I was even offered to watch ENAKKUL ORUVAN but since I was busy , I could not watch it. I had a chance to meet the Founder who is a young man but a visionary. He told me as to how the model works and his plans. It is beyond the imagination but is surely a possibility.

I wish Team Bharath Ration a very grand success in their venture. What are you waiting for? Start Clicking and Get Lucky!!


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